Gnocchi di gorgonzola

Did you expect a page written in Italian, sorry that is not my specialty.


But I love to tell you some about this recipe. This is what I think. Italian eat pasta all the time or that is something we think. But they want to have more variety in their food that is why they created Gnocchi. It is based on (mashed)potatoes but tastes like a pasta. Yeaaah more pasta for the italian. How to make Gnocchi… that is not what I am going to explain in this blog, because I bought them fresh and ready to prepare.

Another important thing…. how do you say Gnocchi? –>Njokki! Difficult say knoggie and they will understand you as well….( I think)

So stop talking start cooking. Only 4 ingredients neccesary.

  • 500 gram Gnocchi
  • 125 ml cream
  • 200 gram gorgonzola
  • 25 gram rocket salat


Just start with boiling some water. The Gnocchi only need 4 minutes to prepare if you have boiled water. If the water is boiling you start with warming up the cream and add the gorgonzola cheese through the cream. Keep on stirring till it is a sauce. Do not forget to add the Gnocchi in the boiling water.


Add the Gnocchi and sauce togehter and it will be a delicious meal with some rocket salat and bread. hmmmmm some parsley and olive oil would be nice as well. IMG_1325

Yeahhhh good taste less ingredients!




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